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For Le Tour. And Paris.

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A little something to get us in the mood for our Paris flat…

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Lance for Hire

After 15 years at a Fortune 500 insurance company (and after 13 in the design field), I am finally out on my own. A lance for hire. A Freedom Lancer perhaps? So this is the end, and the beginning. The Blogsted is being retired for a semi-professional blog that mixes design and brand strategy articles with more random and personal posts: Make/Think (the web log of OXC, LLC). 

Crazy Mel Gibson said it best.


Shaking off the cobwebs, Abservd emerges from hibernation a few months late. Hey, better than never at all. We’re finalizing this DOUBLE-ISSUE’s content, but to tide you over, here’s a playlist of timeless classics that will get you moving, by music fanatic and d.j., Kevin Williams.

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If your fidelity to perfectionism is too high, you never do anything.
David Foster Wallace (via explore-blog)

I fear my personal bias toward action will dip too far into the cult of Good Enough. But the late Mr. Wallace is effing right.

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Does anyone know who “R. E. Gould” was? Why was this image created? View high resolution

Does anyone know who “R. E. Gould” was? Why was this image created?

This music was on constantly during the creation of Abservd Magazine, during the caffeine-induced creative surges, the dreamlike morning scribbles, and the wine-charged brainstorms. May it drive you as it did me.

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